Experience something different in the world of senior living dining.

Our passionate dining team customizes the dining experience for each resident through the use of technology that plans, produces, and delivers meals and snacks.

Today, meal choices are obtained at the resident’s table or bedside using an easy tablet system. Our dining experience is efficient, resident-centric, and organized for an optimal dining experience.

An Optimal Dining Experience.

Resident preferences are also prioritized. Any food allergies, dislikes, and dietary restrictions are automatically updated in our system, ensuring safety and promoting satisfaction. Caregivers have saved information about the needs and preferences of residents, including any adaptive equipment required, feeding ability, and special requests. No stone is left unturned when it comes to the needs of our residents.

Endless Entree Possibilities

Our menus change throughout the year based on fresh, in-season ingredients. No matter what’s on the menu, both macronutrients and micronutrients are included and balanced to provide healthy, well-rounded meals. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain, dairy, and protein are also emphasized but varied, depending on the resident’s dietary plan.

The food isn’t the only aspect of the dining experience that’s satisfying.

Our dining room is designed to create a pleasurable and inviting dining experience. Tables are always pre-set with silverware, glassware, and linens. Each community adds a dash of personality to its respective dining rooms with help from the dining team and resident preferences. Residents also enjoy light music infused into the space, creating a relaxing experience. Dining staff are dressed immaculately, are helpful to every resident, and are friendly.

Dining is more than just eating.

It’s quality time spent with friends and family feeling comfort and satisfaction. At Albany Health & Rehabilitation, the craving for delicious and healthy meals in a cozy atmosphere is always fulfilled.